Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holy Shit, it's been a while

Not a totally worthy excuse, but moving has been a bunch of pain in the ass. We're all set in our new place, and we're prolly gonna have some sort of stupid party soon. I think we're going to register for gifts at Macy's, so start saving your moneys. We've had a few Smashed Up Sunday rides, and I destroyed my fork wrecking into a park bench on the Thanksgiving pointy3 ride. Which totally confirms any speculation that, yes, bikes are haaaard. We had a fun ride the Sunday before however. Justin is back! Ran down to SODO and hit up Hooverville, Myrtle Edwards for some stupid trackstands on the stupid rockpile, Shorty's and Mamas in Belltown, etc. Check out the Flikr shit here

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