Monday, October 20, 2008

The triumphant return of smashed up sunday!

It's official, smashed up sunday is back. After riding with the slow sunday crew for a few months a few of us would like something a little more fast paced and exciting. Nothing against slow sunday at all, the pace is just gotten to be a bit to slooooooow. I've never had a bad time riding with those guys, and slow sunday is a great way of getting people who are intimidated joining a large group ride, we just want to drink beer and ride a bit faster and crash a bit harder. Heres the info: Meet up at 10 am sunday at King Cobra (Between Broadway and 10th on E Pike), we will be there drinking beer and watching football and discussing routes. We'll probably head out after the morning games are over, unless we drink to much or something stupid(not likely of really happening though) Last night, after slow sunday Cody, Chase, and Larabee met up with Kat and I at the 5 points for a drink. After some tequila and beer we cruised over to Seattle Center and did some laps around the Ghettodrome fountain, and a few games of foot down, and several "hey ladies... feel like partyin?" Then rode up to Cafe Metropolitain because Chase was called into work. I stayed there with Chase and closed the bar with him and then raced back down Denny to the 5 Points again for some icky dinner. It was super awesome.


ChaseWhip said...

Oh Yeah! I'm stoked. You know how many ladies are going to want to join our party. haha. Anyway. Lets crash bikes!

BenjaminOwen said...

HELLS YEAH!!! I haven't crashed my bike in weeks!

Ryan said...

you haven't riden a bike in weeks