Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bike Piles and Farewells

What is it about bike piles we find so enthralling? Maybe the simple act of restraining a pile of metal with various U Locks and cables is appealing. I think it simply looks cool. This photo was snapped by a charming and beautiful young lady named Marin outside the Cha Cha the other night. I think this was one of Ali's last nights in town, it's kind of a blur. I'm going to miss locking up to that damn Peugeot, a lot of fucked up shit happened while riding with that beast. In fact most of the funnier stuff had to do with Chase's bike. Ali towing Chase with a U Lock up from downtown while I push him from behind, Chase riding on Ali's Bars from the Monk to the Cha Cha while I push Chase's bike with a flat tire, etc. Thanks for riding bikes with us Ali, give em hell in the Bay, and get a San Francisco Chainwhip franchise going. Ride Bikes!DSC00886

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