Monday, November 3, 2008

Slow/Smashed up Sunday

Justin showed up at the King Cobra prefunk, followed by Cody and Larabee. Since it was just the three of us we decided to go hijack/join Slow Sunday. We sorta half decided we wanted to go to georgetown via the stadium to drop a few "hey ladies" on the way. Ro showed up for a bit along with Silly Scott, Kav, Ryan, Sylvie, Chris Cotie, and Ben Fitz. We cruised down Pine to second, then whatever that new path is called by the stadiums. Sadly there were no ladies to accost. Fun paceline sprint up the bridge on airport way to some damn bar I can't remember the name of. Pool, pinball, beer, tequila, and Ken showed up to chill. Then we decided to head up to Shorty's in Belltown to meet up with Aiden, Rogelio, and Nova. It was a prety wet ride through Georgetown and SODO, but a kick ass sprint down third through downtown following the 'Hawks game. Scott, Chris, and I decided the hell with waiting and made our way to shorty's blowing red lights, and weaving thru traffic. I apologize for ever calling Scott a gentleman cyclist. Kat met up at shorty's and Kav, Nova, Rogelio, Yayo, and I went up to Mamma's for mexican food. We followed that up with a stroll up to the 5 Point for more drinking. Fucking Key Lime Ryan was tring to figure out where we were, and I wasn't being very helpful. My response texts included some gems, such as "mamma's in belltown" after Ryan asked where we were headed:"still mamma's in beltown, not sure". He thought I was calling myself mamma, not refering to the Mexican joint. All in all a pretty damn fun Sunday on Bikes, and barstools. Vote tomorrow you apathetic fucks.

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Rogelio said...

Dear Mama,

Daddy's in Greenlake. Get together? Thnx/

You are totally burly enough to carry off the nickname "Mama" and it would make you instantly popular with the hispanic gay crowd.