Saturday, September 20, 2008

They finally did it, they killed my fucking bike

Riding to work the other day I noticed a weird wobble in my frame when I took a hand off to signal. I thought perhaps a wheel had gone out of true, but nope, my seat stay on the drive side snapped at the seat tube. I'm sure the frame may be able to be welded, but there is a ton of rust that Tiny rattle canned over. I guess it's time time to grow up and buy a new frame.

Throwing Money at the problem.
I went down to Olympia and picked up a KHS Flite 1oo frame this morning and went about building it up. I ran into a couple minor issues, first the seat tube is too wide for my current seatpost, and second my long-reach brake calipers are far too long for the fork that's designed to fit a 700c wheel. Other than that everything appears to be a go.

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